Meet Michelle Renee

How did I become a surrogate partner? Great question! When my marriage of 18 years ended in the spring of 2014, I wondered what I would grow up to be. That’s about the same time I found a sex educator named Betty Dodson. After attending Betty’s workshop BodySex, I knew I wanted to work in hands-on sex education.

Michelle with Betty Dodson at the end of day 2 of BodySex in November 2014.

Looking for opportunities to educate my community, I trained with Cuddlist to be a professional cuddler, a very new industry, at the very beginning of their launch in December 2015. Professional cuddling, aka Cuddle Therapy, was actually a great way to get into hands-on sex education. I was teaching my clients the building blocks to a quality sex life – communication, consent, and boundaries.

I had a curiosity around Surrogate Partner work since seeing the movie The Sessions in the summer of 2014. Living in Michigan, though, didn’t give her much of an opportunity to explore the field. Local therapists weren’t using the services of surrogates. BUT… then I moved to San Diego, California and began Surrogate Partner Therapy training with Integrative Mind Body Therapies

I’m currently sharing my time every month between San Diego, Baltimore/DC and Philadelphia.

In my private life, I’m a mother to two sons and a dog mom. I have a supportive partner and I contribute to multiple sex-positive, gender, sexuality, and relationship diverse communities. I come to this work with maturity and a history rich with experience. It sometimes feels like my entire life was to bring me to this work. I love what I do.

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Mental Health First Aid, Institute for Mind Body Therapy, Kink Aware Professional, Cuddlist Professional Cuddle Therapy

Certifications and Trainings:

Like A Pro – The Wheel of Consent for Practitioners (2021)

Rethinking the Erotic: Creating Therapeutic Environments that Center Ace and Aro Experiences (2021)

Neuro Somatic Processing Training (2021)

Working in the Expanded Triadic Model – Surrogate Partner Therapy (Integrative Mind Body Therapies 2019)

Mental Health First Aid (2019)

Advanced Cuddlist Training (2018)

Deep Listening with Kassandra Brown (2018)

Foundations of Facilitation (2016 and again in 2018)

Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator (2016)

Cuddlist Certified Touch Practitioner (2015)