Being Part of the Sex Therapy Community

Bodyworkers, including surrogate partners or sex surrogates, are using virtual means to connect with others in the sex therapy community.
With Covid-19, most bodyworkers are not seeing clients at this time but are using their time to connect with the sex therapy community.

Surrogate partner therapy, also known as sexual surrogacy, is the hands-on part of the sex therapy community. Being a bodyworker, I’m currently not seeing clients. The good news? Since many of us in the sex therapy community are hunkered down with COVID19, physically distancing, I have used my time to make some great connections within the surrogate partner community.

Thanks to Zoom and my friend, mentor, and supervisor Brian Gibney, quite a few surrogates in the Mid-Atlantic region were able to come together this week, meeting virtually instead of meeting at the Psychnetworker Symposium, a conference that would have been held in DC this last weekend if not for COVID19.

With about 8 of us on the call, if my memory serves, we all got to introduce ourselves, share where we are located and how we got into the work. How great to have so many talented practitioners in our area! We also got to brainstorm about how we could use our collective strength.

One thing I want to offer: As someone who is very “out” about doing this work, I want to acknowledge my privilege and help funnel work to those that aren’t able to be as open about the work they do. So, if you are a therapist that has found this page, and you are looking for a surrogate to work with, even if it’s not me, I invite you to reach out to me. I would love to assist you.

Other ways I am spending my time? I’m reading lots of the books on my shelf, listening to some of my favorite podcasts and working on my websites. How are you spending your physical distancing time?